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Who was that masked man? Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Masked Man" journal:
July 26th, 2008
03:52 pm


Of men and mages and mystics
"Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!" CCXX, I:50

And why should they really know each other, considering that their goals are so very different? The goal of the adherent is quite clear and relatively specific, to practice and promulgate the Law of Thelema. The goal of the Thelemite magician is more nebulous, the production of a Thelemic culture out of the individual efforts of each, which can in turn influence "extraThelemic" culture as well. Obviously, some magicians will dedicate their powers to adherence and to guiding adherents, and some will not, being more purely engaged in creation of thought/art/science. The goal of the mystic is the same as the goal of the mystic in any tradition, union with the divine. These goals don't have to be in conflict at all, they can "know" each other, but not really "well" because, though they all overlap each other, they each require the most intense concentration on a different target, and one can't aim at all three at the same time. I believe most Thelemites have faced/will face times when they have to decide which goal is the most important to them in the context of their present situation.

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February 7th, 2008
07:18 pm


"So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay."
I know that if I define myself as a Thelemite who is not an adherent of Thelema many adherents of Thelema will no longer consider me a Thelemite. That's fine, not every adherent of Thelema knows what a Thelemite is, and those who do may still have strategic or tactical reasons to deny me the appellation. In fact, saying that someone else is not a Thelemite seems less presumptuous to me than deciding that someone else is a Thelemite whether they've adopted that label or not. Especially condescending is the idea that you can call someone a Thelemite because you assess them as doing/having done their will, as if someone can't do their will without being a Thelemite. Though they certainly aren't mutually exclusive, doing your will beats being a Thelemite any day of the week!

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December 26th, 2007
11:25 pm


Who's a Thelemite?
Depends who's asking who. To the "secular humanism" of Western society it's fairly clear. Professors of comparative religions studying Thelema could include anyone identifying themselves as Thelemites, subject to their own research interest. However, a careful investigator would quickly become aware of the numerous "orthodox" Thelemites dedicated (some more than just ideologically) to the establishment of Thelema "according to Crowley", differing among themselves only in their interpretation of its specific implications. They might also become aware of a few of the wildly disparate "heretics" who won't even pay lip service to the ideal of a Crowley-centered Thelema, but I'm pretty sure the focus of most scholars of Thelema would be solidly on the "orthodox"; various heretics would be of interest only inasmuch as they impacted orthodoxy. Professors of comparative religion might also be aware of a literary/philosophical tendency that predates Crowley which could be described as Rabelaisian Thelema (its most notable modern exponent is probably Aldous Huxley), but they would hardly be likely to confuse that tendency with the metaphysical movement that Crowley began in 1904.

WARNING: discussion of the contents of the Book Of The Law followsCollapse )

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